May 2 2018

TeraSky is one of only a few nominees to the award “Storage Partner of the Year” during Dell world Technology Event in Vegas

During Dell Technologies world, taking place in Vegas#DellTechWorld TeraSky Ltd.. had the honor to be one of the nominees to the award " #storage Partner of the Year" We are proud to be one of

Apr 11 2018

TeraSky is now DellEMC Platinum Partner

TeraSky's is now officially Dell EMC  Platinum Partner FY 2018 This recognition was given to TeraSky based on its highly professional and technological skills as well as on its business achievements. Considering the

Jan 8 2018

Multi-Cloud Objectives & Implementation / Management Strategy – Rick Litvin

Multi-Cloud Objectives & Implementation / Management Strategy  Multi-cloud approach should be taken into consideration and evaluated by enterprise for several technical and business-related reasons such as backup &/or DR services

Aug 20 2017

HybridStack : Will 2018 be the battle of Hybrid clouds? By Tal Shatz

As far as the market shows , the world is thinking , talking and breathing the clouds in one way or another. Startups are of course the main target for cloud-providers, but

Mar 29 2017

TeraSky’s 32 years’ journey to Google’s Next17

TeraSky today is a highly-skilled and experienced Integrator with proven capabilities in designing, deploying and supporting complicated IT projects based on Cloud Computing, Software Defined Data Centers, Big Data, Storage

Nov 23 2016

Thoughts about Cloud…

When I am brainstorming with young, talented and bright people whom I surrounded by in the office about new IT era, I am dreaming of possibility to mixing young people

Feb 25 2016

Cloud Backup and Storage Expert Tips: Snapshots’ Implementations, Snapshots-based Data Protection and Snapshots Management / Automation Technologies

Snapshots are one of the key critical components of Enterprise in delivering data protection services to ensure adequate business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies. Snapshots ensure more aggressive

Dec 3 2015

Cloud Backup and Storage Expert Tips: SAP Data Protection Considerations

SAP provides enterprise application software and software-related services worldwide. It operates through the On-Premise and Cloud segments. The company is the world’s leading provider of business software, including SAP HANA, a subscription based enterprise cloud, SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP Product Lifecycle Management, SAP Supplier Relationship Management, SAP Supply Chain Management applications; mobile solutions comprising enterprise mobility management, mobile apps, and SAP Mobile Platform; database and technology solutions, including application development and integration, and database solutions; and cloud solutions.

Sep 17 2015

The Ultimate Guide To VMWare and 3D Graphics

You’ve searched Google high and low, stumbled upon weird abbreviations like vSGA, vDGA, vGPU and other animals, scattered all over the internet. Hours later, you’re still struggling to glue the pieces together, but all you have to show for it is a headache. You simply wanted to know how VMWare vSphere enables you to deliver 3D graphics on your virtual machines. Lucky for you, I’ve collected all the information I found and tested for our customer recently – into one guide. So, after a deep dive into the topic I’ll share with you all the information I’ve collected. When I say information I mean mostly theory, since in my opinion to be able to make a good choice you first need a solid understanding of the technology. I’ll will not dedicate a section to talk about use cases, rather I’ll just mention some advantages and disadvantages regarding possible scenarios. What is 3D Acceleration and why do I need it anyway? When you hear people say 3D Acceleration that usually refer to Hardware 3D Acceleration. Meaning, the utilizing of a dedicated piece of the hardware, aka GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), for graphical tasks.

Sep 9 2015

Veeam Does Physical Better Than Expected

How to protect virtual AND physical servers with Veeam Backup Endpoint – for free By Tal Shatz (our very own Veeam guru)  … So as you may know already Veeam was always going virtual only, therefore each customer that approached me to find him a solution for their 99% virtualized environment cornered me a little. When we started talking about their NAS at first it was much convincing why moving back from storage NAS services (e.g: NetApp CIFS, EMC VNX Celllera etc) to Normal Windows 2012 File server services would be a better approach for them from an Infrastructure perspective . Of course all of this is per customer environment but I’m talking in small NAS less than 5-6TB. I’m not a Microsoft expert but I can point out enough advantages of why going with MSFS will be a good choice for them regardless of going with Veeam. Suppose this was the easy task, now what’s left is what are we doing with the Physical servers?!

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