Big Data

Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Challenges include analysis, capture, data, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy. The term often refers simply to the use of predictive analytics, user behaviour analytics, or certain other advanced data analytics methods that extract value from data, and seldom to a particular size of data set.

Big data can be characterized by 3Vs: the extreme volume of data, the wide variety of types of data and the velocity at which the data must be must processed.

Terasky’s vast experience in administering and leveraging complex data and knowledge in purpose-built data management solutions that replaces manual processes, inaccuracies and data availability can help an enterprise to design and architect a packaged solutions and tools be able to handle all sizes of data sets from any source, and make it to be able to do it in near-real or real time.

Terasky proven skills in technologies and infrastructures are the foundation for productivity, integration and analysis tools that can interact with even the largest data sets.

Terasky partnering with leading vendors (Oracle, Microsoft) and DB solutions integrators will help to design and architect for DBAs a way to administer data in a wide variety of databases. Our professional services team delivers robust end-user self-service data preparation capabilities that allow analysts to connect and integrate relational and non-relational data sources. These capabilities make it easy to query, cleanse, analyse and collaborate on data from data sources throughout the organization.

Terasky specialist’s knowledge and experience in Cloud Computing Platforms, models and services, Software defined data centre, Software defined storage, Openstack, Hyperconverged systems will help our customers to decide on the optimal data workflow, data migration and data analysis processes and solutions.

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