Private, Hybrid & Public Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing is one of the biggest game changer of the last decade.

TeraSky wide offering of Cloud Solutions and professional services for your business needs includes the state-of-the-art solutions that are available in the market today, IT infrastructure and development helps successfully adapt an appropriate cloud architecture for your organization. Successfully building and delivering cloud services requires a complete understanding of how applications, infrastructure, automation, people, and processes interact.

TeraSky invests a great deal of resources in order to be able to provide its valuable customers a wide range of services which are based on Cloud Computing approach and brings together technology, advanced services, and strategic partnerships to help in delivering cloud services to your business.

TeraSky private clouds offer an effective way to solve some of your organization’s business and technology challenges. A private cloud can deliver IT as a service. This helps reduce costs, raise efficiency, and introduce innovative new business models to make your enterprise more agile and efficient while simplifying its operations and infrastructure.

TeraSky Private Cloud solutions are based on OpenStack, VMware, Cisco and others. Our specialists are making implementation of these complicate solutions more efficient.

TeraSky Public Cloud solutions are based on Google, AWS, Oracle, Dimensions Data, Microsoft and others. Our specialists are making planning, consulting, architecture, implementation and services of these most popular public cloud solutions in the market.

TeraSky team helps its customers to define and to build a roadmap where to be and how to start the Cloud Computing adoption, where it makes sense and to explain, where not. Private, Hybrid & Public Cloud deployments which provides the needed level of speed, security, control, maintenance and agility are the mostly suitable for enterprise and small-medium enterprise customers. Our specialists perform an assessment whether the following is relevant to your company or not:

  • “Pay” for what you use, where pay is direct or indirect money equivalent and may be expressed by costs or by time-to-market values.
  • On-demand capacity expansion, which means capacity changes, demanding on business requirements: quarter end, season peaks, new product launch, self-service options expansion, etc.
  • Should you be depending on one vendor or you should combine different vendors, or to consider an “open source” option. Agility is typically the core business value of a cloud computing approach to consider whether or not to move to a cloud and this is the real TeraSky value, as an independent integrator with a huge knowledge bases and solutions portfolio. We will work with you together to evaluate the fitting best your business, solution.


TeraSky experts have a deep knowledge and experience in deployment of OpenStack – open, standard platform – when building massively scalable clouds for customers. OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). The software platform consists of interrelated components that control hardware pools of processing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center. OpenStack has emerged as a leading platform for powering open cloud infrastructures across the globe. TeraSky offers its customers the unique capabilities in OpenStack deployment, service & support, based on development tools knowledge and skills brought from working for years with the leading vendors and open source software distributions (Linux, VMware, RHEV, KVM, Hyper-V, Acropolis, MS, Oracle, MS SQL, Etc.). As far as OpenStack mostly deployed as IaaS, TeraSky, in addition to the SW development skills, brings deep infrastructure building blocks knowledge (server virtualization solutions: KVM, RHEV, VMware; Software Defined Storage: RH GlusterFS, CEPH, Open source SWIFT, CINDER, GLANCE, EMC Isilon, IBM XIV, SVC, etc.).

OpenStack is not a shelf product, but a framework and it can take from months to years to build something reasonable and integrate it with a current customer’s environment. An experienced integrator only can build it fast and adopt it to a customer needs. A specialized knowledge is necessary to build and develop open source cloud infrastructure. The administrators have to ensure proper infrastructure operations, for which deep skills of solution administration and maintenance are mandatory. IT organizations who attempt to deal with OpenStack implementation complexity on their own by integrating all components from scratch and being up-to-date at all times, exposes themselves to the risk of creating their own, unmanageable solution.

TeraSky partners with OpenStack major contributors: Red Hat, HPE, IBM, EMC, Etc. That gives us the opportunity to integrate the best and mature elements into our solutions. Highly experienced TeraSky team provides a fast response and support to various technical challenges, as we work closely with OpenStack developer’s community.

TeraSky knowledge of Automation tools: VMware (vCAC/vRealize), Red Hat Cloudforms, Satellite, helps our customers to integrate OpenStack with a traditional environments and build a reliable, agile and modern DC (on premises, cloud based or hybrid).

Companies who decide to build their cloud on pure open source software, are limited to the support dependency of the open source project, as support is generally provided by forums, chats, Q&A systems, etc.

TeraSky professional services organization provides world-class support and subscription licenses when it is required.

Red Hat and Cisco share an aligned vision to drive maturity and ubiquitous adoption of OpenStack by delivering solutions that meet the customers’ needs to improve agility, flexibility and efficiency. TeraSky leverages and assists Red Hat and Cisco in making implementation more mature and efficient.

TeraSky has a vast knowledge and skills in the basic Cloud Computing building blocks such as:

  • Software Defined Storage (GlusterFS, CEPH, SWIFT, CINDER, Etc.);
  • Systems Virtualization (VMware, RHEV, KVM, Etc.);
  • Automation (CloudForms, vCAC/vRealize, Etc.);
  • Hyperconverged Solutions (Nutanix, EVO: RAIL, Etc.);
  • OpenStack (Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform).

Cloud computing offers different models of “everything is a services”: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Our team work on many en­gage­ments in­volving cloud com­puting, as al­ways bringing our spe­cial eye for aligning busi­ness needs with ap­pro­priate tech­nology and how to deliver strategic advantages to the business by redirecting resources from lights-on to innovation. It lets organizations:

  • Quickly bring new applications & services online for faster time-to-revenue
  • More quickly respond to opportunities and threats
  • Keep better balance between CAPEX and OPEX

TeraSky will navigate and assist customers to realize which cloud computing deployment fits your business the best. There are 3 types of a cloud deployment: Private, Public and Hybrid. We will help you to decide which one is yours taking into consideration your organization security, regulations, go-to-market, cultural and management policies and advice on the best.


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