TeraSky Health Check & Assessment Service

TeraSky has developed a comprehensive and cost-effective methodology for IT Health Check & Assessment services based on over a 30 years’ work experience with leading technology companies, financial institutions, government & public sector organisations.  These services include a wide range of active scanning, testing activities and device’s configurations. The results are presented in a formal IT Health Check report with an Executive Summary which includes a non-technical view on the findings. In addition, the Health- check presents a table with all issues identified and technical details with vulnerability evidences together with clear recommendations to address the identified issues. The recommendations for the performance improvement, manageability and scalability of this environment are also included.

The detailed analysis of the data collected are performed following these Health-check and Assessment activities. The data includes raw configuration settings, performance metrics, screenshots, observational notes, client-provided documentation, etc. The analysis is driven by comparison of Customer data to industry best practices.


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