By Tal Shatz

TeraSky today is a highly-skilled and experienced Integrator with proven capabilities in designing, deploying and supporting complicated IT projects based on Cloud Computing, Software Defined Data Centers, Big Data, Storage & Data Protection solutions. TeraSky engineering team helps businesses to modernize & optimize their computing environment and to secure business investments. The main company business agenda is to provide the best possible reliable solutions and services to its customers. This fact positions TeraSky amongst the leading integrators today in all fields the company is involved in.

The story started in the 80th when MBI was founded by Michael Burstein. That time the company was involved in the integration of so called computer peripherals (disk drives, general purpose controllers, tape drives, integration with unique operation systems, etc.) with various computer systems and the expertise & experience that the Company gained during these years led MBI to be the leading integrator and service provider for backup & storage solutions for over 20 years. The goal was to assure customers in protecting their valuable information and to be able to recover the data from any type of disaster that was relevant at those days. It could be possible because of excellent technical support capabilities that MBI built up during the years.

As the years passed and the market grew the needs for additional services that came from MBI customers, directed the company to invest its resources in expanding its solutions and services portfolio. MBI continues to be a boutique company with the high quality professional team that could challenge complicated tasks and issues that its customers face daily. Step-by-step MBI expanded its activity to MBI Group of companies like Integrity Systems that was specializing in data-bases and developing various software tools; MBI, Turkey and TeraStor, France that were involved in Data Protection solutions and several others.

In 2007, MBI Group was acquired by GlassHouse, one of the promising US consulting houses. After three years’ adventure with a different culture that did not fit MBI approach in providing quality instead of quantity, Michael Burstein and people who were always loyal to his customer oriented strategy, resigned from GlassHouse and established TeraSky in the middle of 2010.

“Powered by MBI Spirit”, TeraSky has created a highly-skilled technical team that is performing lots of challenging Private & Hybrid Cloud projects utilizing the most advanced technologies (Vendor and Open-Source based).  TeraSky is a de-facto leader in this area in Israel today. Deep understanding in Public, Hybrid & Private Cloud platforms and architectures enable us to assist our customers in choosing right directions and to make right decisions. TeraSky provides high-level architecture, implementation and technical support services to our customers in Israel and abroad. At the same time TeraSky continues to be the leader integrator in complicated storage and data protection solutions.

The methodology that we are developing assist us to figure out an appropriate way for our customers in bringing some of their workloads to the public cloud and allow them to provide a faster pace of development and service for their customer while keeping in mind that at the end it needs to be cost-effective as well. Allowing companies to speed up their cycle of releases and providing better lifecycle for their services to others is the one of the most important tasks now.

Today while I’m sitting in the Keynote Hall at GoogleNext17 conference I strongly believe that we are moving in the right direction.  Diving into the Public Cloud without deep analysis can mislead our customers and create business and management issues. Most of the stories here are about how to lead customers to the efficient, cost effective Hybrid Cloud solutions that allow flexibility and openness for the future. And that is what we are thinking about and doing all the time…

To wrap it up I believe that we are going to face an interesting year for us at TeraSky.