By Michael Burstein

When I am brainstorming with young, talented and bright people whom I surrounded by in the office about new IT era, I am dreaming of possibility to mixing young people passion and ideas with experience of my generation. I am not sure that it is doable, as when I was young I “knew everything” and only now, when I am mature enough, I realize every day how much I don’t know… But I try hard to create this remarkable MIX.

Lots of important decision are made around without deep knowledge, analysis and assessments. It usually costs a lot, but the bad results can be noticed a bit later – sometimes too late…

In August 2015, I had a meeting with incredibly successful company running by young and bright people. They proudly stated that their IT is 100% with Public Cloud. I tried to challenge that demonstrating that there is nothing to be proud about, as I had some serious concerns about that. A year after I met the same people from the same company and they paid about 6 times more for the public cloud IT platform. And it has been only the beginning… When the monthly rate achieved over $1 million, some people there started to think about alternatives (reaction to the reality, not proactive and planned move…). I do respect people who can response on time. But it is very important to understand the subject prior making mistakes to avoid the same bad results in the future.

The problem is that new young (unfortunately non-experienced) IT and so called DevOps guys do not listen carefully to experienced people and moving forward without assessments and realistic planning. They make decisions without taking into consideration the previous experience…

I am not a man of vision, but the future unfortunately is quite clear to me.

You can ask me of how do I know that? What kind of experience I have with something so new that is changed almost daily? It is true. Nothing is the same. But, I remember how many technology oriented companies switched their IT to 100% outsourcing being sure that this step will save their resources and allowed them to be focused on the main business. Some of them lost control, paid a lot and in many cases lost businesses too.

Smart companies knew of how to balance outsourcing with their own IT.

All above can be considered when thinking about Public, Hybrid and Private Clouds for your organization.