July 19, 2023

Backstage – what’s all the fuss about? – Meetup

Backstage is one of the most interesting projects in the open-source community and has gained a lot of interest among developers. The project originated at Spotify and was donated to CNCF.


Backstage has quickly gained momentum and already has 211 adopters.


Backstage claims you can build one central place for your engineering organization’s tools, resources, and documentation. From CI/CD status to Kubernetes monitoring, to API and library docs, to deciphering your monorepos, and everything in-between. Basically, everything your developers need outside their repo and IDE.


In this meetup, we will discuss and demonstrate the benefits of Backstage as part of an end-to-end platform.




Oded Shopen is a Sr. Lead Solution Engineer at VMware, spreading the message of Cloud-Native development, Tanzu and App Transformation. He helped design large-scale, cloud-native microservices using Tanzu, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud.


Guy Balmas is a seasoned DevOps and Cloud Native Engineer with extensive experience in Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, and other cutting-edge technologies. With a strong background in technical leadership and end-to-end delivery, Guy has a proven track record of delivering exceptional cloud-native solutions. He currently works as a Cloud Native Engineer at TeraSky, where he applies his expertise to develop and deliver innovative cloud solutions.



Wednesday, July 19, 2023 | 18:00-20:00



AppsFlyer offices, Maskit St 14 · Herzliya, Ground Floor

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