August 29 - September 1

VMware Explore US

Meet Scott Rosenberg, Tanzu Specialist, at VMware Explore US


Don’t miss Scott Rosenberg, TeraSky’s Practice Leader, Cloud Technologies and Automation, at his upcoming speaking engagements at VMware Explore 2022 – including on the main stage! For whatever you want to know about Tanzu, Scott will be in San Francisco to break it down for you.


Below you can see a brief synopsis of his sessions on Tanzu:


I. Customizing Tanzu Application Platform to the Extreme – Tuesday, August 30 | 11:00am – 12:00 PM

In this session, we will discuss how to customize the VMware Tanzu Application Platform and integrate it with existing toolsets that may exist in your environment. We will go over real-world use cases for extending the Tanzu application Platform, discuss why and how to do so, and show some awesome demos.


II. Tanzu Platform for Kubernetes and the Multi-Cloud Journey – Wednesday, August 31st | 10:30-11:30

In this technical session, we will review the key infrastructure and operational components of the VMware Tanzu platform for Kubernetes. This includes products such as VMware vSphere with Tanzu, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and VMware Tanzu.


III. How to Get Involved in the VMware Tanzu Ecosystem – Prerecorded Session

The VMware Tanzu ecosystem can be scary for some due to its immense size and the number of included technologies. Being based on different technologies that are almost all open source and not proprietary means that many times our traditional channels of getting involved, such as VMTN or the VMware Code Slack, may not be the best place for these interactions. In this session, we will give an overview of what open source projects are utilized in the different VMware Tanzu products. We will then discuss how to get involved and how you can help influence these tools and in turn VMware Tanzu. We will discuss the key learnings of the past two years of where and how to get involved in the ecosystem.


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