Struggling with Kubernetes management complexities?

Gain control with Portworx and the experts at TeraSky. The Platform Your Containerized Data Actually Needs

Modern data problems on Kubernetes
call for modern data solutions!

To run mission-critical apps in containers across platforms, we tackle numerous challenges. Scaling storage, high availability, backup, security, and disaster recovery all add complexity and costs to Kubernetes data services. Meet Portworx, the top Data Services Platform for Kubernetes, brought to you by TeraSky’s expert team. Experience a fully integrated, game-changing solution for your Kubernetes data needs.


Portworx is the industry’s leading Kubernetes Data Services Platform, leveraging your cloud block storage to deliver everything you need to run mission-critical apps in containers in production:

Scalable persistent storage
Multi-cloud data mobility with Optimized cloud operations & costs
Reliable Backup and Restore for apps and namespaces
Container data security and encryption without compromise
Business continuity for mission-critical apps across clusters
With Portworx's technology and TeraSky's expertise as a leading Portworx partner, you can run containerized data services in production with confidence.
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