2 December, 2019

Crossover implemented VMware on AWS project by TeraSky

Press Release Message

TeraSky, a provider of technological solutions for advanced computing environments, has recently completed a project in which it set up a cloud Data Center based on Vmware Cloud on AWS in Crossover, a world-spanning company. The scope of the project, which was carried out in cooperation with VMware Israel, is estimated at several million dollars.


As a global company for quality human capital management, Crossover is required to provide its customers around the world with reliable and efficient service, with a high level of availability, from each of its hundreds of sites throughout the world. Accordingly, the company’s infrastructure must have high capabilities of flexibility and immediate growth (scalability), in accordance with varying needs.


Over a period of two months, TeraSky’s experts have completed the evaluation process, building the suitable architecture, and finally, implementing the cloud data center in practice, at Crossover. As part of the project, new companies have been incorporated into VMware’s existing infrastructure over at Crossover, and a migration process from the traditional VMware-based hosting provide, as part of the company’s Lift & Shift process, has been completed.


The solution’s Proof of Concept process lasted several months and included hundreds of automation, communication and information security tests. Once it was proved that the VMware on AWS solution is reliable, fast, easy to operate, and that it meets all of the criteria set by Crossover for the project, TeraSky began the process of transferring the infrastructure to the cloud. TeraSky’s professional service personnel have also lead, in cooperation with VMware Israel and the people over at Crossover, the handling of applications, as a managed service.


Andy Tryba, founder and CEO of Crossover: “Incorporating VMware on AWS infrastructure provides us with advanced, smart cloud capabilities which provide business continuity on one hand and higher efficiency on the other. As a global, decentralized company, we’re required to provide high-quality continuous service to our customers, including giant corporations. Incorporating VMware and AWS infrastructure provides us with a flexible and efficient cloud system, while saving on costs. Work with TeraSky and VMware Israel’s teams was performed smoothly and to our full satisfaction”.


Ofir Abekasis, CEO of TeraSky Israel: “We’re proud of the successful completion of another project in which a cloud Data Center was implemented, based on VMware on AWS infrastructure, a field in which we’ve accumulated a great deal of expertise. It is a large-scale and challenging project, which required us to perform a migration process without harming the computing infrastructure’s day-to-day operations and the company’s activity. Today, Crossover benefits from a cloud infrastructure which provides it with a holistic solution for all of its computing and storage requirements. Thus, the company can continue serving its customers throughout the world, from all of its sites, with a fast, efficient and highly cost-effective operations infrastructure.” Of course, the cooperation with VMware Israel greatly contributed to the process.


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Andy Tryba, Crossover, CEO & Founder, Ofir Abekasis – TeraSky, CEO





About TeraSky


TeraSky is a global company which assists businesses in modernizing and improving their computing environment. The company is a provider of advanced technological solutions with proved capabilities in planning, deploying and supporting “traditional” IT architectures, as well as various cloud fields, include the private, hybrid and public cloud. The company has decades of experience and a multi-dimensional portfolio of services.


TeraSky’s headquarter is located at Petah Tikva, and lately the company has expanded its activities to Europe through offices which operate in Germany and Lithuania, as well as launching a collaboration with the Dutch company ITQ Together, they founded SKY-TQ, which provides managed and professional services to VMware customers in Europe.

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