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TeraSky offers world-class quality services to ensure the value of your technology investments. Whether you’re optimizing an existing IT environment or embarking on a transformation, we'll ensure your cloud solution is safe, cost-efficient, and stable over time.

Comprehensive Services Portfolio

Health Check & Assessment

We’ve perfected our methodology for IT Health Check & Assessment over 30+ years of serving technology companies, financial institutions, government, and public sector organizations.
We collect and analyze your data, and compare your case with industry best practices. Then we present our conclusions in a report that details any issues and vulnerabilities and provides actionable recommendations for performance improvement, manageability, and scalability.

DevOps Services

Driving a new level of collaboration between developers and IT professionals, our DevOps practice will help you reap the benefits of agility, scalability, and automation from design to production. TeraSky’s experts will make sure your DevOps transition is planned and executed for long-term success. We will help you produce code that automatically manages infrastructure scaling, build a virtual system environment, configure your network, install and manage system packages, create VPNs, and much more.

IT Automation and Modernization

Increase operational efficiency by automating your virtualized environment. TeraSky’s team will help you shift computing resource allocations by moving virtual machines in response to ever-changing workloads. With deep experience in cloud data management, protection, migration, and integration, our pros will help you beat complexity, simplify hybrid infrastructure management (on cloud and on-prem), improve security, synchronize applications, and build resilience.

Managed Services Package

TeraSky’s Managed Services Package for cloud customers includes a variety of services to ensure you receive maximum added value. Allow multiple stakeholders to stay on top of cloud costs thanks to FinOps services’ personalized reports and dashboards. Conduct periodic architecture reviews to ensure minimal risks and drastically reduce costs, enjoy subject-specific workshops, and more — all in the name of making sure our work keeps working for you.

Broad Support Services

TeraSky’s engineering team offers comprehensive technical support from a single point of contact. We give 24/7 support across various vendors to ensure you have access to our knowledgeable, multi-skilled, and certified engineers whenever you need them. This single point of support ensures your SLA goals through faster diagnosis and problem resolution while also reducing risk.
● Monitoring
● Diagnostics
● Resolution
● Critical Support Cases


Our service levels can be tailored to meet your needs. The Standard Institution of Israel certifies that The Quality Management System of TeraSky has been audited by SII and found to comply with the Quality Management Standard SI ISO-2001:2008

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