August 11, 2022

A Cyberattack is a Matter of Time. Mount Your Defense Today.

In many ways, cyberattacks have become analogous to the global coronavirus pandemic. Threats have become ubiquitous and relentless, constantly shifting and morphing, adapting to new defenses and evolving to new levels of sophistication. For most companies, a successful attack is a matter of “when,” not “if.” Of course, not every attack will prove fatal, but many – too many – will cause significant and ongoing disruption and damage. In fact, according to a recent report, an external attacker can breach an organization’s network perimeter and gain access to local network resources in 93% of cases and on average, can do so in two days.


What can be done? The fact is, the choice of which technology solutions to use must be determined according to each company’s individual capabilities, infrastructure, and needs. At TeraSky, we’ll help you achieve both a bird’s-eye view and high-resolution insight into your infrastructure and operational vulnerabilities. And because we are experts on all of the leading cybersecurity solutions, from on-prem to cloud-native tools, we’ll also help you find, design, and implement the best possible defense.


Every moment you wait is another opportunity for an attack that could put your entire business at risk. Call us today to rest easy tonight.


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