September 18, 2022

Application Integration and Digital Transformation Go Hand in Hand. Do Both Better with TeraSky.

According to a survey published by Zluri and Pulse, the average modern business department uses between 40-60 applications. Many of these applications are developed by third parties and purchased for use, which introduces data management, security, and cost considerations. Further, they need to work together with each other and with IT-developed applications in order to support business goals successfully. Application integration is the process of making it possible for independently designed applications to work together, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective setup.


However, integrating one or more applications requires extensive expertise, experience, and specialized knowledge. Integrating requires careful planning and design to achieve true optimization, from keeping separate copies of data consistent to orchestrating the integrated flow of multiple activities and providing access to data and functionality through a unified interface. No wonder 40% of companies consider application integration to be one of their top challenges.


TeraSky has built our name on being the go-to experts in digital transformations, and we know that application integration is fundamental to the success of your strategy. Our team of experts knows that when your applications are integrated and communicating with one another, your business can operate in new and innovative ways – and we know how to get you there, no matter the challenge and no matter the application!


When you need help with application integration, we’re on your team. Connect with us to get started.

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