August 10, 2021

DellEMC Platinum Partner

TeraSky’s is now officially Dell EMC Platinum Partner FY 2018!


This recognition was given to TeraSky based on our highly professional and technological skills as well as on our business achievements.


Likewise, the contribution of TeraSky to the growth of DellEMC market share in the Israeli IT industry was an important part of this decision.


TeraSky has been a DellEMc business partner since before our establishment in 2010, when still MBI.


Based on the extraordinary professional & business skills of the TeraSky team and DellEMC’s excellent solutions, this mutual cooperation creates new business opportunities and enables the expansion of existing activities.


TeraSky will continue to support its customers the best way possible and will continue investing time and efforts to prioritize its team’s professionalism and high technical skills.


Thank you DellEMC for your support and cooperation!


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