July 28, 2022

For your cloud strategy to succeed, first it must be secure. Let TeraSky help you determine your best defense.

The growth in the adoption of cloud strategies in the past decade has gone hand in hand with an increase in cyberattacks. To a great extent, the latter is a consequence of the former – intuitively, it makes sense that servers accessed over the internet will present greater opportunities for bad actors through a significantly increased number of potential access points. When functions are distributed over multiple locations, as they are in cloud computing, the risk goes up.


In fact, according to Forbes, 66% of IT professionals say that security is a top concern when adopting an enterprise cloud strategy. Adopting a cloud strategy is identified as the primary contributor to their increased security workloads. Cyber threats designed for cloud services and the need for consistent security coverage comprise the most significant barriers to multi-cloud adoption.


TeraSky’s team of experts can help you ensure both your data integrity and the security of your systems as you scale. We partner with leading providers of cloud-native security tools, helping you navigate the journey from wherever you’re starting off to your final destination, ensuring you achieve your business goals safely and with confidence.


Reach out today to learn how you can keep your cloud operations smooth, secure, and under control.


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