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November 29, 2021

How TeraSky Used vRA to Help Varonis Present a Self-Service Portal for Developer Labs

A customized implementation enabled Varonis developers to become more self-sufficient and agile in their development process.


Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, specializing in software for data protection, threat detection and response, and compliance. They protect enterprise data by analyzing data activity, perimeter telemetry, and user behavior. The Varonis Data Security Platform prevents disaster by locking down sensitive data and efficiently sustains a secure state with Automation.



The Problem
Varonis requested a private cloud for lab deployments and lifecycle management. The previously implemented solution was not comprehensive, and instead of developing a solution, they decided to go with a proven “off-the-shelf” solution.


The Solution
Varonis turned to TeraSky to address the issue at hand, a self-service portal for developers to consume labs with the different Varonis products pre-installed and configured.
Through TeraSky’s partnership with VMware and their unquestionable expertise with VMware’s products, they knew that vRA or vRealize Automation—a private cloud management system—would be the ideal solution. TeraSky designed an implementation of vRA that is tailor-made for Varonis, creating a self-service catalog for each offered product. Varonis developers use the vRA portal to select the lab with the configuration they require, and the system automatically deploys the lab and manages the lab’s lifecycle.
The final product enabled developers to consume labs in a matter of minutes.


“TeraSky took our challenge and ran with it, implementing a smart and creative solution that more than meets our needs. Our developers are over the moon—now that we have experienced the difference, we are planning to scale up the services presented by the system and use the vRA system to increase productivity and reduce costs and development efforts by providing additional services”—Alon Man, Varonis, Dev Ops – Datacenter – Team Leader.


The Bottom Line
Already ahead of their time in data protection, Varonis was eager to maintain their competitive edge; Varonis asked TeraSky for assistance with implementing a purpose-built catalog for lab consumption using VMware’s vRA software. TeraSky delivered the system and enabled developers and QA to focus on development tasks.
“This an example of the combination of expertise and creativity that have become our hallmark,” remarked Ofir Abekasis, CEO of TeraSky. “Our efforts to deepen our expertise are always in service to better address our clients’ goals. That’s why we were thrilled and honored that the Project Management Institute awarded our implementation of vRA for this case Project of the Year for 2021.”



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