February 9, 2023

Kubernetes in Multiple Locations? We’ll Make It Make Sense.

According to the 2022 VMware Tanzu “State of Kubernetes” survey, 65% of respondents run Kubernetes in multiple locations, from on-prem to cloud to edge. Why so popular?

  • Running Kubernetes in more than one location improves system availability ensuring that functionality is maintained even if one of the locations goes down.
  • Further, the overlap of Kubernetes in different locations reduces request latency to improve the performance of the system overall.
  • Finally, depending on the jurisdiction, choosing this approach can support regulatory compliance efforts, particularly for requirements for data storage in specific geographic locations.


So, how do you know where to start? Whether you’re already running Kubernetes or just starting to consider modernization, the best solution for your needs will be utterly unique, dependent on your existing infrastructure, business goals, workflows, in-house skills and expertise, and much more. At TeraSky, our engineers are not only experts in the industry’s leading tools – we’re experts in establishing a birds-eye view of your company in order to map out exactly what you need to get where you want to be.


Yes, we’ll help you orchestrate and containerize your applications on-premise or on any cloud. We’ll help you reduce operational overhead with automated Kubernetes cluster deployment and ongoing backup, migration, and monitoring. But more than that, we’ll help you sort through the many complex factors that comprise your business and your goals to find the combination of locations, solutions, and tools that best fit your needs now and in the future.



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