February 27, 2023

Maximum Security Results – Without Skipping a Beat

How TeraSky helped a Healthcare company ease their data security concerns with Veeam hardened repository and Dell hardware



Healthcare service providers contend with data and regulatory requirements in every aspect of their operations. From medical services/information and technology-based support/tools to the provision of healthcare logistics services, carefully handling sensitive data is at the core of everything they do.


One leading company in this field recently realized that their system needed strengthening. The company was using Veeam Backup and Replication for the backup of their critical data and applications and storing the backups on a simple disk, but this meant that they weren’t protected against ransomware or other cyber threats.


The Challenge


By storing backups on a simple disk, the client took a huge risk: these days, cyber-attacks need to be considered a question of when not if. They called TeraSky to help them identify the best possible tools and design and implement the best possible solution to ensure their data has the highest level of security coverage.


The Solution


Based on the company’s imperative need for data security, and their existing Veeam solution, TeraSky implemented a special Veeam software component called Veeam Hardened Repository, which protects the backup files from loss resulting from malware activity or unplanned actions. The repository was based on Dell hardware – a PowerVault storage system connected to a PowerEdge server. “The client’s exposure to ransomware and cyber-attacks needed to be addressed,” explained Mark Fridman, Data Protection CTO at TeraSky. “By combining the Veeam software component with Dell hardware, we were able to provide them with a security solution that doesn’t take any chances.”


The Bottom Line

“Before engaging TeraSky, our backup solution was insufficient for our needs, and we were concerned about our liability and our clients’ data should we come under cyber attack,” shared a company representative, “TeraSky made finding and executing the best solution feel almost effortless.” Veeam and Dell’s powerful and precise solutions, along with TeraSky’s guidance and expertise, helped them achieve the security they need to move forward confidently toward bigger goals, knowing they are protected.

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