February 16, 2023

Prisma Cloud’s Integrates with Amazon Security Lake for Peerless Cloud Visibility

In November 2022, Amazon Web Services introduced Amazon Security Lake, a service that automatically centralizes security data from cloud, on-prem, and custom sources into a purpose-built data lake stored in your account. Recently, another TeraSky partner – Palo Alto Network – announced that their Prisma Cloud now integrates with this AWS offering to meaningfully improve cloud visibility and provide a comprehensive security solution that will help customers better protect their cloud workloads and applications.


Prisma Cloud delivers security intelligence to Amazon Security Lake using the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) standard. With OCFS support, Prisma Cloud can normalize and combine security data from AWS and a broad range of enterprise security data sources, providing security teams with greater visibility and context into cloud security issues.


“Using Prisma Cloud to share vulnerability findings to Amazon Security Lake helps cloud teams everywhere with data that can improve visibility and solve security challenges across a broad range of use cases,” explained Lev Andelman, TeraSky’s CTO. It will enable security analysts to break down data silos, query data in place, and perform big data analytics at scale.


Prisma Cloud Protects Your Applications from Code to Cloud


Access to collected security data is crucial for visibility in the cloud, for making decisions promptly, and for the rapid protection of vulnerable cloud applications. Prisma Cloud is the industry’s most complete Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), a comprehensive platform that ensures complete security coverage while breaking down security operational silos across the entire application lifecycle. Its code-to-cloud approach enables DevSecOps adoption and enhanced responsiveness to the changing security needs of cloud-native architectures. It facilitates the detection and prevention of large-scale security incidents, including supply chain issues, vulnerabilities, pipeline security, runtime defense, misconfigurations, and everything in between, for complete code-to-cloud protection at any scale.


The TeraSky Advantage


TeraSky is a proud partner of both AWS and Palo Alto Networks. We are an Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS DevOps Competency Partner, as well as certified Prisma Cloud specialists, which means our engineers are experts at ensuring you get the most out of this new and powerful combo.

Learn more about how TeraSky can help your company achieve cloud visibility and enhanced security. Contact us today.

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