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July 31, 2022

How TeraSky Ensured Their Client is Future-Ready with a Secure, Customized AWS and HashiCorp Vault Solution.


TeraSky was approached by a company that develops secure remote networks based on the zero-trust architecture. Their proprietary technology replaces legacy security appliances like VPNs and firewalls. As the pandemic upended traditional work arrangements, the demand for secure remote networks – and this company’s services – skyrocketed. The growth was obviously welcome, but the sudden surge put a strain on their data management, and they were forced to adjust their current open source HashiCorp Vault system to meet the demand and to avoid outages.


The Challenge


The client’s existing system was not designed for the full load of their growing number of end users, as the extent of its flexibility was limited by the size of a single virtual machine. Further, their concerns extended beyond today’s users. “Our system was frequently crashing under the strain of 30,000 end users,” a company representative explained. “We needed to find a solution that would fix our current dilemma as well as address how we would cope with the growth we were projecting, which was headed into the range of 100,000 and eventually 500,000 clients.”


The company approached HashiCorp in search of a partner and was quickly connected with TeraSky. According to HashiCorp Greg Cooper, Vice President, EMEA Solutions Engineering, “TeraSky frequently produces some of the smartest and most creative implementations of HashiCorp products we’ve seen. We knew they would have the necessary expertise – both in our products and the AWS cloud the client was already using – to achieve the required outcomes.”


TeraSky understood that the system design needed a total overhaul in order to scale to meet the demand. In addition to creating flexibility for scale, the centrality of the system to the product meant that the transition needed to be done with a focus on reducing downtime and glitches. Finally, everything would need to meet the most stringent security standards; as a remote network security company, this was one area in which they could not afford to compromise.



The Solution


Together, TeraSky, the client, and HashiCorp began the process of completely redesigning the existing Vault setup, including refactoring the AWS environment on which it would be installed and run. In order to support the anticipated scale, both the Vault setup and the AWS cloud infrastructure would need to be fully coordinated. Following design sessions with the client and HashiCorp, TeraSky created the new AWS environment and installed their revamped Vault system using Terraform, HashiCorp’s dedicated programming language for creating infrastructure on the cloud. Further, since they were already fully redesigning the system from the ground up, TeraSky was also able to customize the security features of both Vault and AWS, stretching them well beyond their standard applications to meet the client’s specific security requirements.


Vault cluster diagram in a secure AWS environment as it was implemented for the client


The Bottom Line

“This company came to us with a serious need for a system overhaul to help them meet some of their most fundamental business needs,” noted Lev Andelman, TeraSky CTO and official HashiCorp Ambassador. “The project was a perfect fit for our team, and we were able to leverage both our expertise in both AWS and HashiCorp products and our close relationships with those providers to design exactly the solution to fit the bill.”

“The solution TeraSky designed and implemented has lifted a major weight off our shoulders,” added the client representative. “Now we are confident that our system can handle whatever comes next, and we are forging ahead with our growth strategy.”

Thanks to their deep expertise in both AWS and HashiCorp products, TeraSky was able to give their client a flexible, secure solution to meet their needs today and in the future.

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