June 5, 2024

TeraSky & Google Roundtable: Taming Kubernetes for Business Growth

Countless companies are using Kubernetes, but it can be complicated to manage – from the ins-and-outs of configuring setup to security vulnerabilities. Establishing a production-ready K8s environment requires a deep understanding of these challenges and the best tools and strategies for addressing them.


That’s why TeraSky and Google teamed up to host a special event for top company leaders (C-suite) to discuss how to use Kubernetes to grow their businesses. The event featured Google Cloud’s Gil Zellner and TeraSky’s CTO Lev Andelman, offering insights and strategies for conquering the challenges of Kubernetes adoption and scaling.


In the first session, the roundtable addressed practical strategies for improving the resilience and scalability of K8s deployments. Lev Andelman, TeraSky’s CTO, discussed the importance of having a well-designed and resilient Kubernetes setup. Even though launching Kubernetes itself is easy, unexpected outages can happen for various reasons. He emphasized that Kubernetes needs ongoing adjustments and improvements as workloads and environments change. He offered practical implementations to help avoid common pitfalls and outages, ensuring infrastructure is robust and production-ready.


The group then transitioned to Session 2 to explore the successful multi-cloud migration of HourOne, a company pushing the boundaries of GenAI applications. Gil Zellner, lead of the Chronicle SOAR Lab Team at Google, explained how HourOne strategically shifted from a single-region AWS setup to a resilient, multi-cloud framework. This transformation leveraged Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and advanced resources to achieve the GPU availability needed for their GenAI workloads, ultimately optimizing performance, reliability, and resilience.


Throughout the roundtable, attendees learned how to make the best choices about cloud resources and how to deal with the complexities of using multiple cloud providers. They also explored how TeraSky’s expert-designed frameworks, well-structured methodologies, and ongoing professional services can help them navigate the process from start to finish and beyond, helping them stay one step ahead and achieve future growth. Companies can unlock significant growth and innovation potential by mastering Kubernetes and using a smart multi-cloud strategy.


Ready to Tame Kubernetes for Your Business?


TeraSky offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you harness the power of Kubernetes and multi-cloud architectures. Our team of experts can guide you through every step of the process, from initial planning to ongoing support.


Contact TeraSky today to discuss your specific needs and explore how we can help you achieve your business goals through a strategic Kubernetes and multi-cloud approach.

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