June 16, 2024

TeraSky’s Cyber + EURO 2024 Viewing Event

Football and Prisma Cloud cybersecurity may seem an unlikely pairing. Still, TeraSky’s team proved they’re a winning combo at the Cyber + EURO 2024 viewing event last, co-hosted with Palo Alto Networks and Innocome.


Throughout the event, TeraSky experts showcased how their deep knowledge of Prisma Cloud translates to real-world business benefits. This includes periodic health checks, noise reduction sprints, and seamless integrations with leading third-party solutions like HashiCorp Vault and Boundary ZTA. As a Diamond Palo Alto partner, TeraSky leverages its proprietary frameworks and methodologies to dominate the cloud game for its customers. From Prisma Cloud setup and configuration to ongoing optimization services, TeraSky helps businesses score big in the cloud.


Presenters and attendees also discussed real-world use cases for data encryption and access control, sharing actionable insights and practical takeaways. Attendees learned to leverage Prisma Cloud to prevent data loss and streamline DevSecOps workflows. “The guest speakers were clearly industry leaders in cloud security. They shared proven strategies my business – any business – could benefit from,” one attendee shared. “I really feel I’ve gained confidence in how I’m going to handle cloud security more effectively in the future.”


Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play! Participants fueled up with a delicious lunch and cheered on their favorite teams during the Holland vs. Poland EURO 2024 match. It was a great way to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and industry leaders.


Don’t worry if you missed it! Our team is here to help. If you’re ready to learn how TeraSky and Prisma Cloud can revolutionize your security strategy and drive your success, click here

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