December 6, 2023

The Power of Immutable Backups with TeraSky

Cyberattacks and data breaches pose a constant threat to businesses and individuals alike. As the volume of organizational data continues to grow exponentially, safeguarding this critical asset must be a top priority. Companies need a robust solution to protect data from loss, corruption, and unauthorized access. One strategy that has emerged as a leading choice is immutable backup.


At its core, an immutable backup is a copy of data that remains unalterable – impervious to modifications, deletions, or changes of any kind. Even system administrators or the users, applications, and systems that created the data cannot tamper with it. By creating immutable backup copies and ensuring their security and quick recoverability in the face of disasters or cyber threats, companies create a kind of trustworthy safety net.


Immutable backup is important for three primary reasons:


  • Data Protection: Data loss can result from various factors, including human error, hardware failure, software glitches, and accidental deletion. Immutable backups act as a shield, ensuring that backed-up data remains unmodified and untampered, protecting against threats like ransomware and viruses.


  • Compliance Regulations: Modern regulatory requirements mandate companies to maintain immutable copies of their data, adding an extra layer of security and adherence to industry standards.


  • Preservation of Data History: Immutable backups allow you to track the evolution of your data over time. By preserving each version of the data, businesses can recover specific historical information when needed.


Immutable backup solutions employ techniques to create a read-only copy of the data. These solutions use methods like object locking, ensuring that the data remains unmodifiable for a specific duration. For example, Write Once Read Many (WORM) solutions create non-erasable copies of data, ensuring it is written to the backup storage only once. This makes WORM ideal for long-term archiving of sensitive data and regulatory records. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backs up data in real-time, ensuring that changes made to the primary storage are automatically copied to the backup storage, maintaining the data’s most recent state. Snapshots capture specific intervals of data changes, allowing organizations to revert to previous states in case of data corruption or loss. This method is particularly useful for storage systems shared by multiple virtual machines. Versioned backup solutions create multiple versions of the same data, preserving each copy for future recovery and ensuring that previous versions are always available and recoverable. Finally, Cloud Storage-Based Immutable Backups solutions leverage remote servers for storing backups, guaranteeing accessibility from anywhere. In this case, scalability and seamless data storage management are key advantages.


How will you know what approach is best for your needs? That’s where TeraSky can help. When it comes to safeguarding your digital assets, TeraSky stands out as the ideal partner. With trusted backup partners like Dell, Rubrik, and Veeam, TeraSky’s engineers are experts in the industry’s cutting-edge solutions that ensure the integrity and security of your data. Our mastery in implementing immutable backup strategies, combined with our robust partnerships, makes us the go-to choice for businesses seeking reliable data protection solutions. Secure your digital assets today with TeraSky, and experience unparalleled peace of mind.

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