IoT – Internet Of Things

IoT is a network of physical objects that have unique identifiers capable of producing and transmitting data across the Web automatically. In this new era, business professionals need expert assistance in order to make the leap to IoT, many business people see IoT as extremely strategic. There are three components of any IoT service: the edge, the platform and the user.

The edge: Where data originates or is aggregated, pared down and, in some cases, analyzed, according to experts.

Terasky professionals will help to analyze and asses an organization/enterprise data and processes flow and advise on the best architecture and practices whether transmit every signal from a sensor to a centralized data warehouse and “kill” the network or collect the data at an aggregation point close to the user and transmits in real time only the data points that require immediate attention.

The platform: Where data is accumulated and analytics are performed.

Terasky professional services team, based on the knowledge and skills in Data Center operation and management will analyze and build a mostly fit IoT platform whether based on a public or hybrid cloud, or on premises Data Center solution.

Terasky specialists will advise and architect how to organize the integration of historical data with real-time data to look at trending analysis; how to define the policies engine and an orchestration engine to manage the platform, based on fully virtualized solutions.

Terasky knowledge in systems virtualization (VMware, RHEV, OVM), storage solution types (Block, File and Object) and partnership with the leading Virtualization solutions and storage vendors (EMC, IBM, Infinidat, Nimble, HPE, Red Hat SDS, VMware, RHEV) supports the best of breed platform implementation option.

The user: Where data drives a business action and can move from the IoT platform to a user.

Terasky wide storage, data management, virtualization, automation tools and platforms offering will help to build an optimized solutions and API’s for users to “call” or query the data, the IoT platform architecture and its integration into the current enterprise data analytics and infrastructure solutions.

Terasky team’s understanding in IT & IoT technology in addition to Operational technology and how IoT will impact business operations, makes our fundamental skills, integration knowledge and dozens of years’ experience a winning combination for design and implement IoT projects through the challenging complexity and IoT solutions diversity.

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