Enterprise-Class Multi-Cloud IT Services & Strategy

Enterprise-Class Multi-Cloud is more complex than a hybrid cloud, which is typically a paired public and private cloud. Multi-clouds add more clouds to the mix; perhaps two or more public IaaS providers, a private PaaS, on-demand management, and security systems from public clouds, private use-based accounting, etc. Economics and availability are two major factors driving the adoption of multi-cloud environments. Strong competition within the cloud provider space will bring down prices, while high-availability and the capacity to keep track of one’s entire cloud network will drive adoption of third-party management and monitoring tools.

TeraSky invests a great deal of its resources for being able to provide management services and develop relevant for these activities tools. The majority of projects are complex enough that single-purpose cloud architecture simply isn’t up to the task of managing them. Moving to multi-cloud is a natural progression.

TeraSky experts believe that multi-cloud is the future of cloud computing within enterprise. If your business is considering a jump into the cloud, it’s worth considering if a single public, private, or hybrid solution will be enough. You might find that your decision simply doesn’t fit your organization needs in the future. What’s becoming clear to IT professionals, is that as business leaders become more aware of the cloud’s strategic and competitive benefits, there will be pressure on IT to make it work. Understanding the many options is a good place to start.

TeraSky experts leverage their experience and know-how in order to assist customers to make decisions that fits their business needs.

One of the most significant reasons why enterprises may move to a multi-cloud deployment is to reduce their reliance on any cloud services vendor. In a traditional private or public cloud approach, the company will simply move all relevant operations and assets into a cloud environment hosted by a single given vendor. This is also the case in a hybrid approach that combines elements of both private and public cloud into a single solution.

TeraSky experts can help the enterprise in choosing reliable service provider. It is important to have in mind that for many enterprises disruptions and outages are unacceptable. By turning to a multi-cloud deployment, enterprises can effectively avoid putting all of their eggs in one basket, as they will never be fully dependent on a single cloud service or vendor for their hosted needs. As a result, companies can achieve a greater degree of autonomy.


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