Data Protection for Cloud Solutions

TeraSky extensive experience in applying Data Management technologies to business problems, have helped us to create an extraordinary base of knowledge and skills within our team that has been a critical factor in our customers’ successes when protecting their valuable data.

TeraSky experts deliver the right architecture, solutions and support in order to meet our customers’ business needs. Data solutions driven by strategy behind it, product alone is not enough. TeraSky focuses on Open Standards and tailored solutions to address the wide spectrum of customer’s challenges, customer policies and workloads, to make sure, that the solution equals to its value.

We create the right architecture and the right environment, the highest quality of service and on-going commitment to customer’s satisfaction.  Future generation solutions are vendor agnostic; we provide best of breed solutions, using single or multi-vendor strategies, Open source and software defined architectures according to the need of your business.

TeraSky expends the Cloud services providing Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS).

Businesses are demanding better service levels – not “one size fits all” – and they’re mandating that IT becomes more “cloud-like;” TeraSky helps to build IT environments, where organizations can provision servers in minutes and launch a new business initiative almost overnight. As the speed of business evolves, so must backup. It’s no longer acceptable to wait a day or even hours to get data back – users want their data instantly. As the world is moving towards software-defined data centers with infrastructure components virtualized and delivered as a service, data protection appears to be going the same way.

In software-defined data centers, infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. To maintain effective protection during the transition to next generation environments, data protection strategies and technologies must also evolve to a service-based delivery model.

TeraSky experts know how to build data-protection solutions at the platform layer as an attractive option. Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS):

  • Can achieve economies of scale by amortizing expertise costs and distributing sophisticated security solutions across different applications and their developers
  • Enforces fine-grained access control policies on data units through application confinement and information flow checking
  • Employs cryptographic protections at rest and offers robust logging and auditing to provide accountability
  • Addresses the issues of rapid development and maintenance.

TeraSky DPaaS offering could be especially beneficial to midsize and for small companies who don’t have much in-house security expertise.

TeraSky offers a complete integration of primary and protection storage platforms with hypervisors and enterprise applications, including support for cloud environments and delivering new technologies that enable data protection-as-a-service.

TeraSky data protection solutions span the full range of customers’ data protection needs, from archive to continuous availability for physical, virtual and cloud environments. We redefine the usage model for data protection software by enabling flexible integration to optimize both on premise and cloud-based backup and archive environments as they evolve. The Data Protection as a Service solution from TeraSky is based on the following products: Veeam, Asigra, Networker, Data Domain and other backup-to-disk solutions.

(DPaaS) solutions—include backup-as-a-service (BaaS), disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS), and cloud storage (STaaS)


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