Data Protection for Enterprise

Backup and Recovery has become an essential element of Data Protection. The availability and integrity of information can have a direct impact on a business and company’s reputation. Backup is a critical component for ensuring recovery of essential information in the case of corruption, data loss and/or disaster. A company’s backup strategy, level of professional understanding, and the process and infrastructure in place can greatly affect key business initiatives.

Traditional backup challenges have become ever more critical today due to the vast amount of data. These challenges range from unreliable backups, slow recoveries, unreliable recoveries, high-efforts, high-risk, complexity, human mistakes, slow infrastructure, backup windows, and many other elements which can hamper backup efforts. The volume of data is growing rapidly while the backup window remains the same or doesn’t exist anymore.

Due to these challenges, many companies have fallen into the chaos of an ad-hoc backup approach. Application, virtualization and storage teams are often dissatisfied with traditional backup approaches, causing professionals to question appropriate solutions. Massive data growth, budget issues, virtualization and the cloud also create huge hassles for those responsible for data availability.

Today, a company’s management requires two elements from a data protection team – performance and visibility. The professionals who are responsible for performance and visibility elements should consider backup and restore options such as: the virtual environment, various applications (Oracle, SAP, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, etc.), remote offices and branches, desktops and laptops, etc. Also, what about disaster recovery? Should we backup to tape or backup to disk? Should the data be archived? How should all of these elements be managed?

TeraSky experts conduct a detailed assessment of your backup and restore needs, with the goal of reducing costs and improving service-level performance.

TeraSky professionals work with your company to create an efficient and reliable, high-performance data protection solution which addresses the needs of today and tomorrow. At TeraSky, we design, architect, deliver, integrate, implement and support the most advanced and highly reliable data protection solutions for the last 30 years. Our professional team is highly experienced, possessing all of the required vendors’ certifications to support and service your IT’s backup and restore systems.

TeraSky engineers have designed, integrated and implemented data protection solutions for hundreds of customers within various business sectors.

Our deep enterprise applications background (CRM, Billing, ERP, Oracle, Java, MS SQL, VMware, RHEV, KVM, OpenStack, Automation SW, etc.) and proven experience in storage & backup solutions (EMC, HP, IBM, InfiniDat, RedHat SDS, Veeam, etc.) gives us the possibility to design & architect the appropriate data protection solution to our customers, taking into consideration customer’s challenges, customer policies and workloads, to make sure, that the solution equals to its value.

In addition to onsite data protection solutions, TeraSky offers backup-as-a-service (BaaS), disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) that are especially beneficial to midsize and small companies that don’t have relevant in-house resources to deal with these critical for businesses challenges.

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