DevOps, IT Automation & Modernization

Rapid software development and delivery is now one of the most important requirements for software systems. Business operates in fast-changing environment today. Agile software development methods have been introduced in order to reduce overheads in the software process (e.g. by limiting documentation) and to be able to respond quickly to changing requirements without excessive rework. DevOps is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.

TeraSky professional team is investing in getting an experience in Agile software development.

TeraSky solutions portfolio includes Cloud Computing Platforms & Models and that is where DevOps model is taking off.

TeraSky specialist’s programming skills and deep knowledge in Data Center virtualization assists enterprise to adopt DevOps model. We consult of how to develop a code to handle events and how to make that code automatically manage the scaling of your infrastructure (customers probably don’t need to work with physical hardware anymore, and so their skills need to be adapted to duties that mostly deal with API calls or consoles).

TeraSky’s team knowledge in SW development, system, storage and network administration assists our customers to define DevOps roles and responsibilities need to be able to build a virtual system environment, to configure a network, install and manage system packages and create VPNs. We assist to understand TCP traffic and how to configure firewalls and also need to be able to develop software to manage a lot of those responsibilities.

TeraSky specialists also help to build a self-service IT portal which helps developers in creating applications, request servers and access networks.

TeraSky knowledge of Automation tools: VMware (vCAC/vRealize), Red Hat Cloudforms, Satellite, helps our customers to integrate Vmware cloud, OpenStack, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud with a traditional environments and build a reliable, agile and modern DC (on premises, cloud based or hybrid).

TeraSky engineers increase the operational efficiency of VMware by enabling the automation of a virtualized environment. In a virtualized environment, host servers can support anywhere from dozens to thousands of virtual machines. An enterprise job scheduler that can access all applications and systems, while supporting the management and reliable operation of virtualized environments, is essential to successfully executing business processes. As a result of TeraSky professional services, organizations can automatically shift computing resource allocations by moving virtual machines in response to the ever-changing workload.

TeraSky is partnering with the leading SW and HW vendors (Oracle. IBM, HPE, EMC, Red Hat) and can support enterprise in IT modernization, the continuous evolution of an organization’s existing application and infrastructure software, with the goal of aligning IT with the organization’s ever-shifting business strategies.

TeraSky skills, knowledge and experience in modern technologies, such as Cloud Computing, SW Defined DC, SDN, SDS and Hyper-Converged systems accompanies enterprise in IT modernization — i.e. to replace legacy environments with the modern one or to architect a coexisting environment.

TeraSky professional services experience in Cloud data management, data protection, data migration, cloud data integration, will assist customers in solving data and application migration complexity, hybrid infrastructure (in cloud and on premises) management simplification, security, application synchronization and resilience.


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