SLA – TeraSky Service & Support – 24*7 Forever!

TeraSky employs the high-level dedicated technical force in the support of highly complex, varied, heterogeneous and mission-critical traditional, virtual and cloud computing environments.

TeraSky offers comprehensive technical support services to help our customers in access to our resources whenever it is required. We offer a single point of contact and support across various vendors, giving our customers access to our knowledgeable, multi-skilled and certified engineers. This single point of support allows our customers to achieve their service level goals through faster diagnosis and problem resolution whilst reducing risk. Our services levels can be tailored to meet your needs, delivered 24*7.

TeraSky high availability 24*7 remote and on-site support services include monitoring, diagnostics and resolution. We have designed our support service to offer our customers an extremely cost effective, high quality service, which places an emphasis on ownership and successful fault resolution.

TeraSky support services are flexible, as flexible coverage is important to our customers. Support can be provided on a 24*7 basis, or just in business hours – with response service levels of 1-2 hours through to next business day. Our support is designed to make your life easier – our support teams are trained to take ownership of a problem from the outset, whatever the reason and whatever the root cause. Acting as a single point of contact, TeraSky work with the vendors to identify the fault and provide an effective resolution. If the disaster happens – we know how to respond. Based on our team experience of delivering support services since 1985 we understand more than most that critical support situations need to be treated differently from normal support calls. When a system is down and a production outage occurs, TeraSky follows a series of proven, well-defined steps designed to minimise downtime and ensure that your critical services can be delivered back into production quickly and without risk. TeraSky appoint an internal incident owner with full access to all resources including a defined crisis team with only one goal – to get production systems back running as soon as possible.

TeraSky is committed to providing excellence in customer support and customer satisfaction, driven by our continual service improvement initiatives and well-known MBI Spirit.

The Standard Institution of Israel certifies that The Quality Management System of TeraSky Ltd has been audited by SII and found to comply with the Quality Management Standard SI ISO-2001:2008.


Contact TeraSky 24*7 Support Help-desk

To access out support team, please contact us, as specified below:

Regular Working Hours:  08:00 – 17:00 (IL Time)

Phone & Email Support Available

03-6332525  (ext.1)

After Hours:  17:00 – 08:00 (IL Time) / Weekends / Holidays

Phone Support Only

03-6332525  (ext.1)


All available technical information which is related to the specific inquiry (full description, logs, error messages, etc.) should be included in the service call.


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