High Performance Storage Solutions

HPC applications used for computational analysis, data-intensive research, rich media, three-dimensional computer modelling, seismic processing, data mining and large-scale simulation. Driven by CPU-intensive processing, such applications handle large volumes of data over short periods of time while also in some cases permitting simultaneous access from multiple servers.

The need to process large volumes of data quickly has huge impact on storage, given that storage I/O capabilities are typically much lower than those of processors. An HPC storage system needs large capacity accessible at high speed and to be highly expandable, while offering a single global namespace accessible to all users involved in the project.

HPC storage should meet the following requirements:

The ability to scale out in a clustered architecture to support the increased I/O and capacity requirements.

Terasky team has a huge experience and knowledge in different scale-out storage solutions, based on our partnering with the leading storage vendors: EMC, IBM, HPE, Isilon, Nimble, etc.

Our professional services team will help a customer to design, architect and implement the best fit your HPC application requirement solution whether built on a shelf product or on open source Software Defined Storage solution: CEPH, GlusterFS, GPFS, Lustre, Panasas pNFS, Hadoop.

Terasky specialists will help to architect a HPC storage solution which will be built on optimal combination of SDD, HDD and Flash technologies in order to meet an HPC application requirements and take capacity planning and TCO into consideration,

The use of object storage technology, which organizes files as objects in a flat directory rather than a traditional tree hierarchy.

Terasky team skills and experience in object storage technologies – CEPH, OpenStack SWIFT, Amazon’s S3, Google Storage, Scality will assist to design and implement high performance storage solutions for very large collections of files, structured and unstructured data.

The use of parallel file system. 

Terasky knowledge in parallel file systems technology -pNFS across multiple nodes and communication technologies – InfiniBand, FC, high speed Ethernet will help to design, architect and implement solutions, which allow more rapid access to large files than when using a single node, which can become a bottleneck.


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