Hyperconverged Infrastructure

TeraSky experts follow technology innovations in order to be able to assist our customers in improving the efficiency of their IT organizations. Today, small and medium businesses can get the significant benefits from both private cloud and IT simplicity at the same time by implementing Hyperconverged solutions on site.

TeraSky specialists help small and medium organizations to be focused on their business rather than dealing with IT related difficulties.

TeraSky professionals have the knowledge and expertise to work with the organizations on the relevant planning and architecture to ensure that their needs are met.

Almost each small and medium business has a relatively limited IT resources, but at the same time has to deal with its DC, spending huge amounts of time and energy to make it operational for years. Such kind of businesses are being stressed quite often by technical support issues (failures, software versions upgrades, hardware upgrades, integration issues, etc.).

TeraSky experts help to define and to evaluate the appropriate Hyperconverged solution that can efficiently replace the existing integrated components at the customer DC.

The concept of Hyperconverged systems combines the infrastructure components as an engineered solution.

Hyper-convergence is a type of infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources and other technologies from scratch in a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor. Hyperconverged systems are modular systems designed to scale out.

TeraSky’s Hyperconverged approach is based on Nutanix, EMC, HPE & IBM systems and fits the following customers’ requirements:

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Server Virtualization
  • Private Cloud in a Box
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Big Data
  • Branch Offices
  • Data Protection
  • Software Defined Storage


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