Traditional  Storage Solutions

TeraSky storage solution offering to its customers includes the unique capabilities in storage solutions design & architecture, integration & implementation, service & support which are based on over 30 years of experience, professional expertise and deep knowledge of TeraSky engineering team.

Properly designed and implemented storage solutions can save your organization a great deal of resources. With a growing pressure on costs, many organizations are faced with increased demand to get more from existing investments. Storage Economics is a proven methodology consisting of a series of tools and services, which are designed to identify and significantly reduce both capital and operational expenditure across a storage environment. Sometimes such a pressure leads customers to wrong decision and choices. But there is no ‘free lunch’.
Getting that storage product at a solid discount might initially sound like a good deal, but it rarely is.  You will always be dependent to some extent on your vendor or technology of choice, but working closely with professional and loyal integrator as TeraSky, can really save you a lot of money and increase the efficiency of your storage system.

The amount of data stored compared to the storage capacity purchased in a typical datacenter can’t satisfy the customer. Customers   use around 50-60% of purchased capacity only. There are, however, software capabilities that, when architected well, can help our customers break these habits, and define new storage practices to change the way data is stored, accessed and analyzed.

If there is an ex­citing tech­nology out there, our team has more than likely been working with it for quite a while, whether it’s SAN, NAS, Object or Software Defined Storage.

It’s essential to achieve a new level of data efficiency, both for applications that will remain on premises, as well as any data that is to be moved to the cloud, to ensure yesterday’s mistakes are not repeated tomorrow. Driving efficiency by reducing the amount of data being stored, and increasing utilization, both of new as well as existing storage assets.

We in TeraSky help to reduce cost and complexity of managing your data, we know to combine traditional storage solutions and software defined storage solutions.

TeraSky specialists can make sure that the storage solutions effectively combine the speed and performance of SSD storage with the scale and price advantages of capacity-optimized storage (smart tiering) by using software defined storage infrastructure.

The simplicity of implementation and deployment, enables full flexibility to buy only what you need today, and scale as data grows. This “start small, grow big” approach removes the need for a crystal ball to predict future storage requirements, that is necessary with other market solutions.

Data is a business critical asset, it must be protected and available 24×7 to meeting customer requirements for service delivery.

 TeraSky team deep enterprise applications background and proven experience in storage solutions (EMC, InfiniDat, Nimble Storage, HPE, IBM, etc.) gives us the possibility to design & architect the appropriate storage solution to our customers, taking into consideration customer’s challenges, customer policies and workloads, to make sure, that the solution equals to its value.


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