12 May, 2024

In the Media: Driving Growth and Innovation

O’Ryan Johnson from CRN wrote an article highlighting TeraSky’s exciting journey toward growth and innovation.


In the article, Eli Shacked, a seasoned VMware sales veteran recently appointed as TeraSky’s new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), brings a wealth of experience and a clear vision for the company’s future. He emphasizes TeraSky’s unique flavor, which is characterized by deep customer relationships and expertise in their chosen vendors. He stresses the importance of value-added services and the company’s commitment to ensuring customer success regardless of their choice of infrastructure.


Shacked’s strategic approach involves revisiting TeraSky’s business portfolio and exploring options outside the VMware ecosystem to meet the market’s evolving demands. He plans to leverage TeraSky’s expertise to expedite deployment and maintain high service-level agreements, ultimately driving growth for the company and its customers.


To read the full article and learn more about TeraSky’s journey towards growth and innovation, click here.

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