Application Infrastructure

Develop Better Applications, Faster

Build software foundations such as Kubernetes, Serverless, and Microservices, leveraging innovative ways applications are produced, distributed, and consumed.


Microservices Architecture

Find the right strategy for application modernization, transitioning to distributed software creation architectures and containerized deployment.

Kubernetes & Container Platforms

Streamline application orchestration and containerization, whether on-premise or in the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure), and minimize operational complexity through automated Kubernetes cluster deployment and continuous backup, migration, and monitoring.


App Migration & PaaS

Migrate to the public cloud with confidence, taking full advantage of combined cloud computing advancements, Kubernetes, and microservices to modernize your existing applications.


Build More Compliant Applications, Faster

Reduce development cycles from months to weeks to days, while using architecture to deliver continuous integration and deployment for faster and more compliant releases.

Modernize Software Design & Development

Enable continuous development, agile practices, and cloud-native solutions for faster innovation with less friction, making your app more resilient while fostering team collaboration.

Boost Security & Compliance

Bake robust security measures and compliance standards into your applications, while utilizing monitoring and observability tools to ensure comprehensive tracking of each process and service.

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Deploy more compliant applications, much faster

Discover how you can optimize your deployment processes for improved speed, efficiency, and security.

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