14 July, 2020

LoginPro – EUC expert & TeraSky are merged

Title: LoginPro – EUC expert & TeraSky Are Merged


TeraSky Group, a world leader in digital innovation solutions, has announced a merger with LoginPro, the leading team of experts in the end-user computing area (EUC) in the Israeli market.


TeraSky EUC, a new member of TeraSky Group, will be led by Maxim Smirin and Uri Menuhin, co-founders of LoginPro – Maxim, as the VP of Business Development and Uri as the CTO.


“As a part of TeraSky Group business expansion strategy, we expect this merger to strengthen our offerings in digital innovation solutions that are essential for all businesses today, from the smallest companies to global enterprises,” stated Ofir Abekasis, CEO of TeraSky Group.


“Following the merger, LoginPro and TeraSky are planning to leverage each other’s expertise in order to expand TeraSky Group’s customer offerings world-wide,” added Maxim Smirin, Co-Founder and VP Business Development of TeraSky EUC.




About TeraSky Group


TeraSky Group is a world leader in digital innovation solutions, driving cloud and digital transformations that are essential for all businesses today, from the smallest companies to global enterprises. The members of TeraSky Group are companies with unique knowledge and high-level professional services capabilities in the areas in which they focus. Leveraging our highly experienced engineering teams, we help our customers design and implement a wide range of large-scale new information technologies solutions that overcome critical business and technology challenges and enable them to innovate and be prepared for the future. TeraSky Group members: TeraSky Modern IT, TeraSky Cloud & DevOps, TeraSky AI, SKY-TQ and TeraSky EUC are doing business globally having its HQ in Israel and offices in Central Europe, Western Europe and North America.



About LoginPro


LoginPro EUC specializes in achieving the most optimized user experience, in a synergy with the IT and security requirements. LoginPro experts deliver a wide range of professional services using the leading IT workspace management solutions in the market and the company proprietary methodology. As End User Computing solutions have a high impact on the organization, LoginPro is committed to providing the highest quality of professional services. LoginPro improves user experience during transformation to the digital workspace, closing the gap between modern users’ needs and the legacy IT workspace that expands during the complex digital workspace transformation journey.

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