7 July, 2022

TeraSky Brings its Deep Expertise and Proven Reputation to the US Market

TeraSky, a global award-winning integrator of innovative technologies, has established an office in New York as part of its worldwide expansion strategy.


TeraSky, a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions based on cloud-native technologies and modern IT infrastructures, has announced its business expansion to the US market.

With the establishment of its office in New York City, TeraSky’s team has begun helping US customers successfully navigate their digital transformation journeys by leveraging its deep DevOps, DevSecOps and modern IT expertise in innovative technologies. They bring a proven reputation for reliable and effective implementation of advanced technology’s solutions, including cloud-native, multi-cloud, Kubernetes, microservices, containerization, automation, high-performance data storage, data management, data protection, and more.


TeraSky has been recognized repeatedly with awards from leading technology innovators, including VMware Global Partner of the Year, HashiCorp Partner of the Year, AWS Rising Star of the Year, GCP Fastest Growing Partner, and Dell Technologies Breakthrough Partner, among many others.


TeraSky maintains over 500 partner high-level certifications and master competencies and is a recognized expert in Kubernetes implementation and multi-cloud management. TeraSky teams work closely with their customers’ developers, DevOps, and IT groups to uncover and address immediate business needs and long-term goals. Their extensive customer roster includes large American, European, and Israeli banks and insurance companies, as well as world leaders in the computer and semiconductors industry, the pharmaceutical industry, government and defense, and more.


“We see many challenges around running workloads and multi-cloud environments and re-platforming applications for customers,” notes Ofir Abekasis, TeraSky CEO. “Each of these efforts can keep a company from achieving its goals.”


TeraSky’s vast expertise and experience, achieved through developing solutions for the world’s most forward-thinking tech companies, positions them well to serve customers in the United States in adopting new technologies and using them to optimize their business. “We differentiate ourselves because we come to customer engagements with real-life experience helping tech companies adopt new technologies quickly,” Ofir explains. “We know how to provide solutions that meet our customers’ challenges and constantly drive successful implementations.”

New York
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