14 April, 2022

TeraSky CTO, Lev Andelman, HashiCorp Ambassadors for Second Consecutive Year

For the second time in as many years, TeraSky CTO Lev Andelman has been selected as an official HashiCorp Ambassador for the 2022 Program! Recognition as an official ambassador is recognition of an individual’s contributions to the strength of the HashiCorp community by creating outstanding code and/or fostering a welcoming community and ecosystem through valuable content creation and activity.


The key elements of the Ambassador Program, which aims to make the HashiCorp community more vibrant and collaborative, are knowledge sharing, mentorship, and kindness. HashiCorp Ambassadors are chosen for their commitment to the spirit of open source and their stand-out knowledge sharing through content creation, local events, and productive feedback. This year, Lev contributed extensively in:
● OpsSchool, a nonprofit project for and by the DevOps community aiming to educate and train professionals,
● DevOpsDays, and worldwide community conference series for anyone interested in IT improvement, and
● HashiTalks is an annual, all-day virtual community knowledge-sharing event orchestrated by the community team.


Of the honor, Lev noted, “I am deeply gratified to be able to continue as an official HashiCorp Ambassador. I am active in the open-source community because I believe strongly in the value of broad and continuous collaboration, and the fact that the HashiCorp community clearly shares and practices these values makes the recognition particularly meaningful to me. Now that more in-person meetings and conferences are returning, I am even more excited to contribute to and collaborate with this incredible group.”

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