25 October, 2022

TeraSky is the First and Only HashiCorp Hyper-Specialized Tier Partner to Receive Double Competency Designations

TeraSky, an advanced technology solutions provider, announced that it has achieved both the Infrastructure and Security Partner Competencies from HashiCorp. TeraSky, a hyper-specialized HashiCorp partner and the 2022 HashiCorp RSI Partner of the Year, has earned the unique recognition thanks to demonstrated expertise and experience in delivering HashiCorp-related services, high customer satisfaction ratings, and valuable contribution to the HashiCorp community.


HashiCorp developed their new Partner Competencies to signal to customers and field sellers that service partners have been fully vetted. Partners that achieve HashiCorp Competencies have undergone extensive auditing to verify their knowledge of HashiCorp Enterprise products, their expertise in deployment and expansion services, and their ongoing connection to HashiCorp for training and support. Partner reference accounts are also reviewed as part of the process.


“This is a milestone moment,” shared Tal Shatz, Chief Strategy Officer at TeraSky. “With the HashiCorp Competency Program, our clients will know with total certainty that TeraSky holds the highest level of mastery in each subject area and trust that we’re the right partner when it comes to integrating and customizing their game-changing array of solutions.”


As one of HashiCorp’s key global implementation partners, TeraSky’s team maintains mastery across HashiCorp’s product suite – including Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad. TeraSky has multiple product certifications and broad experience with hundreds of app modernization products, with tens of thousands of resources deployed. They were recognized as the 2022 HashiCorp RSI Partner of the Year, and CTO Lev Andelman is one of the few official HashiCorp Ambassadors globally for the second consecutive year.


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