July 3, 2024

Achieving Cloud-like Freedom and Flexibility — On-Prem

Data center stuck in the slow lane? Craving the flexibility and freedom of a cloud environment? That’s the future TeraSky’s Next-Gen Data Center Framework promises, and at our meetup on July 3rd, we unveiled exactly how to achieve it.


Our Lead Architect, Scott Rosenberg, kicked things off with an insightful presentation that shed light on the challenges faced by traditional data centers – and the game-changing advantages of embracing a cloud-centric approach.


Scott’s presentation went beyond theory, diving deep into the practical applications of the Next-Gen Data Center Framework. He demonstrated how businesses can leverage this framework to achieve several key benefits. Firstly, companies can effortlessly scale their data centers, leaving behind the constraints of rigid infrastructure. This allows the data center to seamlessly adapt and grow in tandem with the business. Secondly, the framework unlocks the freedom of the cloud while maintaining complete security for sensitive data. This eliminates the need for compromise – businesses gain flexibility without sacrificing control. Finally, Scott explored how to leverage the Next-Gen Framework to integrate multiple cloud providers into a company’s infrastructure, maximizing both agility and efficiency.


We were then honored to welcome a special guest speaker, Gal Sternberg Fish, Head of Data & Technology at Maccabi Haifa F.C! Gal’s presentation was a fascinating glimpse into the world of big data in professional sports. He shared how Maccabi Haifa F.C. leverages data analytics to gain a strategic edge, using detailed player profiles for scouting and performance analysis. A huge thank you to Gal for sharing his fascinating insights!


The meetup was a resounding success and a major step forward in TeraSky’s mission to help organizations unlock the full potential of their data centers.
Ready to transform your data center? Contact us today and see how the Next-Gen Data Center Framework can empower your business!


Ready to transform your data center?

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