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November 21, 2021

Application Modernization and Cloud Enablement

Maxima is a Lithuanian group of retail chain companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria. It is the largest Lithuanian capital company and the largest employer in the Baltic states. As of 2020 Maxima has more than 1200 stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria.

Maxima selected Google Cloud Platform to enable growth and high quality of services for its customers. By modernizing their applications, making them a good fit with Cloud services, and adopting best-of-breed GCP solutions, Maxima and TeraSky’s experts have built a reliable and scalable infrastructure that supports the company’s business goals and vision.


The challenge
The widespread problem with using legacy IT infrastructure is its low capability to flexibly meet changing business demands and the relatively high effort required for the maintenance. Maxima LT was having a challenge with providing sufficient quality of service during customer demand peaкs in their mobile channels when running backend infrastructure on legacy Data Center platforms.


The solution
The transition from running business solutions on traditional legacy IT infrastructure to Cloud-based services in a reliable and cost-effective way requires a thorough understanding of both technologies, detailed revision of application design and infrastructure architecture, design of the solutions leveraging products that are best fit for purpose, and having strong expertise in their implementation.
Maxima LT in collaboration with TeraSky moved from the usage of traditional legacy Virtual Machines based solutions to the use of GCP-managed cloud services, such as CloudRun, Memorystore for Redis, Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, and Cloud CDN. By applying the best practice of Cloud infrastructure services implementation, they delivered a setup enabling high availability and rapid scalability.


The results
The result of this work has today a cost-effective and reliable cloud-native solution taking advantage of GCP capability to scale seamlessly and infinitely for continuously varying customer demand. Resources are allocated only when and where they are needed, assuring high availability of business services while keeping the consumption of resources under control.
„Our customers expect a high quality of experience whenever and wherever they are. By leveraging Google Cloud Platform managed services and GPC capability to auto-scale capacity based on demand changes, Maxima LT has managed to significantly improve its quality of services towards customers while keeping cost and services upkeep effort under control. This is a strong foundation for our growth ambitions and further adoption of Cloud services by Maxima LT.“
Tomas Bazys. Director of IT Maintenance Department at MAXIMA LT.


About Maxima
Maxima, the company that manages MAXIMA retail chain, is the largest Lithuanian capital company, as well as one of the largest taxpayers and the largest employer in the country. More than 400,000 customers visit the Maxima stores operating in Lithuania every day, where there are about 250 stores located over the country. Through the daily work of the entire network and of each employee, an extremely wide range of goods is available to MAXIMA customers at a good price, creating the best possible shopping experience.
Industry: Retail & Wholesale
Primary project location: Lithuania


Google Cloud Platform, CloudRun, Memorystore for Redis, Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage and Cloud CDN.

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