March 8, 2023

Build Security, Build Confidence: Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment

When it comes to cloud integration, most organizations currently deploy applications on one or two public cloud environments and may also continue to use on-premise hardware data centers. Given the formidable security challenges this poses, it is no wonder that “70% of companies are not confident in their ability to keep hybrid environments secure,” states Radware*’s 2022 multi-cloud report.


This issue is likely only to become more complex with time. As the number of companies adopting the use of three or more public cloud systems will rise in the next 12 months, cloud security tools must also rise to the challenge. Every aspect of a company’s data infrastructure must consider and address consistent controls, visibility, and policy across a changing mix of cloud platforms.


Moreover, system weaknesses are not necessarily obvious at first. Hackers look for flaws to damage or attack the system, whether through the code itself, via APIs, or by disrupting your network.


If your system is unable to detect, block, prevent, or mitigate a cyberattack, it needs to be modified quickly. TeraSky works with your team to identify your company’s security vulnerabilities so that together we can build a more fortified and secure future for your business.

We know the importance of consistent cloud security. Make TeraSky your digital transformation partner – we’re here to help.



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