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February 21, 2024

How TeraSky Conquered Developer Frustration with AWS’s Help

The Background

Panaya’s Change Intelligence solutions reduce the time, cost, and risk involved in change to business applications like SAP®, Oracle® EBS, and The company’s development and IT infrastructure resided on-premise in a VMware vSphere cluster. As part of their Hardware refresh plan, they decided to migrate all of their on-premises workloads to the AWS cloud.


The Challenge

Panaya’s existing development and IT infrastructure operated within a vSphere cluster characterized by constrained resources and aging hardware. In light of these limitations, the strategic decision was made to undertake a migration initiative, relocating all workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leveraging AWS-managed services to streamline maintenance processes.

It is noteworthy that the production environment had been previously deployed in AWS; however, it did not adhere to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and contemporary standards. Recognizing the importance of aligning with industry best practices, Panaya aimed to use the on-premise migration project as an opportunity to not only transition workloads but also to bring the AWS infrastructure into alignment with a Well-Architected Landing Zone. This approach ensured that the migrated on-premise workload adheres to the latest architectural principles and standards set forth by AWS, contributing to a more robust and scalable cloud environment.


The Solution

TeraSky transitioned Panaya to AWS Landing Zone via AWS Control Tower, implementing a Hub & Spoke network model for centralized management and security oversight. In the deployed Hub & Spoke model, all inter-account traffic is directed through a centralized main transit gateway hub by peering connections between accounts. This ensures a consolidated and secure pathway for communication, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and control of data flow.

Next, to ensure the full availability of services via secure authentication with AD credentials, TeraSky recommended migrating to AWS WorkSpaces, which offers a cloud-native VDI solution that provides improved reliability and security compared to traditional on-premises setups.

“Going beyond this,” added Andrey Vasiliev, TeraSky Senior Cloud Platform Engineer, “We also conducted a comprehensive analysis and, together with the client, decided to migrate all on-premises infrastructures to the cloud for scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.” As such, TeraSky migrated 400 virtual machines to AWS using Amazon Migration Service (AMS), following a “lift & shift” approach to minimize downtime.


The Bottom Line

TeraSky didn’t settle for simply bringing Panaya into alignment with AWS standards and best practices. The solution they designed and implemented offered multiple benefits, including automated account provisioning, multi-account architecture for scalability, IAM configuration for secure access, governance, compliance facilitation, enhanced data security, and efficient cloud infrastructure. “In particular, the strategic move to AWS Landing Zone, coupled with the Hub & Spoke network model, significantly contributed to elevating our security posture and operational resilience,” explained Panaya’s VP R&D Tal Arnon, “The shift toward cloud infrastructure truly empowered us with a dynamic and resilient foundation capable of meeting our evolving business demands.” TeraSky’s innovative approach addressed the client’s unique challenges and ensured the uninterrupted operation of critical systems during deployment.

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