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February 23, 2022

How TeraSky Turned Baya’s Vision for Smart Construction Management into an AI and IoT Masterpiece


Baya was bringing the promise of smart project management to construction sites through an AI-powered monitoring system. Installed in elevators, their system tracks site activity, then leverages machine learning algorithms to provide real-time holistic insights to site managers for actionable oversight and coordination. While the Baya team had the technology and the vision, they lacked the expertise in AWS to ensure their solution would soar — and scale.


The Problem

Baya’s AI and IoT-powered monitoring system presented a unique combination of data management and infrastructure challenges. Using both sensors and a camera, they record construction site elevator data. That data gets sent to a central location for analysis, with machine learning algorithms providing insights into construction progress. Those insights are then sent back to the company’s platform application.

In short, Baya needed to manage and track multiple events and functions, multiple data sources, and multiple data types. While they’d already chosen AWS as their cloud platform, they needed support to get started, and to package – and future-proof – their infrastructure in the best possible way.



The Solution

Taking into account their end goals, budget, and technological product, TeraSky was able to translate Baya’s idea into actual infrastructure components, bringing it to life. TeraSky designed an IoT core solution using serverless Lambda functions, capable of receiving and tracking multiple-source data streams and then publishing them to IoT topics. From there, the data streams can be logged and monitored individually via customized dashboards with ElasticSearch, helping Baya visualize which functions happen, and when. Infrastructure as code — using Terraform templates (infrastructure) and serverless framework (deploy the functions) — ensured Baya’s solution was both easy to manage and cost-effective.


The Bottom Line

With TeraSky, Baya was able to bypass an MVP and launch a sophisticated high-value, and robust product at scale, immediately. They were now fully equipped to leverage all the benefits of AWS Cloud when needed while maintaining efficient operations capable of scaling whenever and wherever needed.

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