December 29, 2021

Rubrik Cloud Vault – Protected, Managed and Monitored Copy of your Backup in the Cloud

Keeping copies of your data in a secured and isolated off-site location is an essential part of a comprehensive, ransomware-resilient data protection strategy. While IT leaders perceive the benefits of cloud-based storage services, they have legitimate concerns about cloud security and exposure risks, configuration complexity, and long-term economics. This is because cloud storage administration can be a complex process that requires time and expertise to do right– customers need to configure, integrate, and secure their cloud environment, including the connectivity to the cloud resources. If cloud credentials are compromised, or access privileges are misconfigured, data can be encrypted, stolen, or deleted. If cloud storage is not managed correctly, it can result in higher costs and unpredictable bills.




Rubrik Cloud Vault

Rubrik Cloud Vault is a fully managed service that enables organizations to have completely isolated, immutable copies of their data archived off-site to support recovery from cyberattacks and natural disasters. Management simplicity and reduced cloud administrative complexities, along with predictable costs that include all storage and egress charges, allow organizations to confidently store copies of their data in a separate cloud environment that is logically air-gapped from their core data center and cloud workloads, thus dramatically reducing the risk of a backup data breach, encryption, or theft.




Rubrik Cloud Vault is the safest, simplest, and most predictable way to archive backups in the cloud, so you have a secure and isolated copy of your data to recover from in the event of malicious attacks or natural disasters.

• Zero Trust Data Security Zero Trust Architecture assures data is always available, immutable, and logically air-gapped, so it cannot be modified, encrypted, or deleted by ransomware

• Federated authentication/MFA via SSO to reduce intrusion threats

• Role-based access with granular role controls to lessen the risk of data breaches.

• Retention lock to warrant that no single person can clear or shorten retention policies or delete snapshots, archival, or replication locations.

• Direct, authenticated Azure Blob integration for fast, automatic, fully encrypted data upload

• Global Control Plane unifies management of data protection and cloud archival

• Policy-driven SLA automation for easy setup of archival policies to meet business SLAs

• Readily available data—quickly browse through point-in-time snapshots to begin the download and restore with granularity down to individual folders and items

• Predictable storage costs that help you stay within budget

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