June 26, 2024

The One Where TeraSky Rocks the AWS Summit TLV 2024

The AWS Summit TLV 2024 is a wrap, and it was one for the books! This year, we decided to “pivot” our approach to our booth, channeling iconic Friends moments to help communicate our ideas and make the day memorable!


Throughout the day, people stopped by our booth and learned how TeraSky can be there for you when it comes to navigating the cloud, and our team of experts was thrilled to answer questions and share insights. The Friends-themed booth brought smiles, laughter, and Central Perk vibes to everyone who visited. Our team of experts was there to dive deep into all things cloud, from uncovering hidden savings (“Could your cloud costs BE any more expensive?”) to fueling innovation with efficiency (“Achieve true unagi with full observability of your cloud environment”). After learning how TeraSky helps businesses maximize the benefits of AWS while keeping costs under control, none of our visitors felt like they were stuck in second gear anymore!


While we admit we had plenty of fun with countless “How YOU doin’?” moments, the day wasn’t all reruns and catchphrases. We dug into deep discussions about securing the cloud to control costs, building faster, spending less, and migrating to microservices and Kubernetes. We also explored how TeraSky’s expert-designed frameworks, well-structured methodologies, and ongoing professional services ensure long-term success. Attendees were particularly curious about discovering the true power of generative AI and how it could benefit their businesses. We broke it down for them so it wouldn’t be just a “moo point.” (Okay, sorry, we couldn’t help but slip in one more…).


Adding to the excitement, TeraSky’s very own Scott Rosenberg delivered a captivating session titled “Container Images as Witchcraft on AWS.” In this talk, Scott delved into the advantages of utilizing cloud-native buildpacks with EKS and ECR over traditional Dockerfile methods for building container images. He explained how to use them and explored customization options for specific needs.


Throughout the event, we had the pleasure of connecting with fellow cloud enthusiasts, sharing insights, and learning from each other. We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a vibrant community!


With the AWS Summit TLV behind us, TeraSky remains committed to helping businesses navigate the complexities of the cloud, delivering innovative solutions, and supporting you every step of the way.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, engaged with our team, and made this event truly unforgettable.

Have questions about leveling up your AWS setup without leveling up your costs? Contact our team today.


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