June 27, 2024

      11.00 (IST)

Unleash Kubernetes Power on Data Services

(Without Compromising on Data Protection and Disaster Recovery)


Are you leveraging Kubernetes for data services but struggling with complexity? You’re not alone. Managing data within a Kubernetes environment can present challenges, hindering your ability to maximize performance and ensure data security.


In this value-packed webinar, TeraSky’s experts will equip you with the knowledge and tools to overcome these hurdles.
Unleash Kubernetes Power on Data Services (Without Compromising on Data Protection and Disaster Recovery)



When: June 27 | 11 AM  * Sessions conducted in Hebrew


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Join us and learn how to:

  • Simplify data management on your Kubernetes platform.
  • Optimize performance for seamless data processing and storage.
  • Implement robust data protection and disaster recovery strategies.


The webinar will be divided into two parts:

  • Session 1: “Data on Autopilot: Automating Data Management and DR in Your Kubernetes Environment”
  • Session 2: Live Demo! See the solution in action.


TeraSky, a Pure Storage Elite partner, one of few worldwide, ensures success through a proven strategy based on expert-designed frameworks, well-structured methodologies, and ongoing professional services.
We’ll guide you through the advantages of Portworx Enterprise, a solution designed to empower your Kubernetes environment.


Discover how Portworx can help you achieve:

  • High Availability & Resilience for your data services.
  • Seamless Cloud Integration with Cloud Native Storage Solutions.
  • Efficient Storage Utilization with intelligent resource management.


Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to unlock the full potential of Kubernetes for your data management needs!


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