June 24, 2024

What Does Flawless Service Look Like?

Partnership from Pre-Setup to Post-Launch and Beyond


Many technology solution integrators offer software licenses or one-off consulting services. But what if you need a partner who will walk alongside you every step of the way on your digital journey? That’s where TeraSky shines.


TeraSky goes beyond just consultancy services or software licenses. We offer a comprehensive, phase-by-phase partnership to support you at every step of your technology integration journey, from initial design to full implementation. We understand that every business and every solution is unique, and we’re here to tailor our approach to your specific needs.


TeraSky’s Unique Partnership Approach


Unlike traditional integrators, TeraSky focuses on building a strong partnership with you. Our three-phase service delivery ensures smooth project delivery and provides ongoing support for continuous improvement.

  • Pre-Setup Services (Day 0): We start by understanding your specific needs and setting up the necessary infrastructure, whether on-prem or via a seamless transition to the cloud.
  • Rollout (Day 1): This is the implementation phase, where we activate our solutions and ensure they are integrated and operationally efficient.
  • Post-Rollout (Day 2): We focus on optimization by evaluating performance to make improvements and providing ongoing support for continuous enhancement.

We don’t just get you started with digital solutions; we help you optimize them for long-term success.


Tailored Solutions and Dedicated Support


We offer a variety of solutions that address specific challenges and go far beyond basic integration:


  • TeraSky Next Generation Data Center brings the cloud experience to your physical data center. It integrates cloud methodologies for a streamlined experience and uses automation to simplify operations and speed up project delivery. This translates to a better lifecycle management and provisioning process for you.
  • TeraSky Kubernetes Adoption Framework helps organizations navigate the complexities of adopting Kubernetes and leverage its full potential for managing containerized applications. This framework includes planning, implementation, and operational phases, all focused on achieving scalability, security, and efficiency.
  • TeraSky Cloud Operating Model equips you with the tools you need for a successful cloud journey. It covers Landing Zone setup, optimization of compute and storage resources, security, and DevSecOps. This model ensures cost-efficiency, scalability, resilience, and readiness for multiple cloud environments, along with streamlined developer onboarding and efficient management of teams and services.
  • TeraSky End-User Computing (EUC) empowers secure and flexible remote collaboration across any device. This translates to increased productivity and streamlined IT operations for your organization. EUC delivers a smooth user experience through personalized digital workspaces, secure operations with a zero-trust approach, and centralized management.


Dedicated Support for Your Tech Journey


Your success is our priority. Each customer receives a dedicated project manager who will guide them throughout the entire process, from start to full implementation. They also have the support of our detail-oriented and data-driven Customer Success team, ensuring exceptional support every step of the way.


With our unique blend of partnership, expertise, structured approach, and tailored solutions, you can be confident that your cloud journey will be a success. Whether you’re looking to modernize your data center, leverage Kubernetes, or optimize your cloud operations, TeraSky is the partner you can trust to guide you every step of the way.


Ready to take your technology integration journey to the next level with a partner who is truly invested in your success? Contact TeraSky today!

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