October 29, 2018

What’s New in VMware VRA 7.5

Only a few weeks ago, VMware released its newest version of the vRealize suite, and with it came many long-awaited features.
I have been working with vRealize Automation since version 6.2 and must say, this is the most significant improvement I have seen in the product yet.
The new UI, which is based on the Clarity UI (HTML5) is a huge improvement. The ease of access to your provisioned items and the fresh look of the portal make it much more user friendly.




Another great addition that many people have been requesting for a long time is the ability to resubmit a request that failed. Requiring the end user to refill the form can be a tedious act that was not user friendly. This has finally been implemented.




One more great addition is that, if you are entitled to a catalog item from multiple Business Groups, you will still only see the catalog item once. When you request the catalog item, a popup appears that allows you to choose the Business Group you want to request this under.




The global search option that has been added is amazing. You can now search for any string and it will find items, menu options, blueprints etc., and allows the end user or administrator to navigate the portal in a much more fluid and comfortable manner.


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