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March 1, 2023

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How Arad Group Leveraged TeraSky’s Expertise to Control Cloud Costs



Arad Group delivers an end-to-end solution for smart water management in today’s smart cities. It is a fully integrated source for complete water metering management and control systems that set new standards for accuracy, performance, and reliability. Arad employs a third-party FinOps tool called Anodot For Cloud Cost Management, supplied by TeraSky, and was interested in delving deeper into how best to use the tool and make the most of it to better control their AWS cloud costs.



The Challenge

TeraSky performed an in-depth analysis and assessment of the company’s AWS resource tagging practices. Over the course of the session, multiple additional potential opportunities for improvement arose, from learning how to interact with the tool to resolving previously unidentified configuration issues.



The Solution

The FinOps and Customer Success team presented the Anodot For Cloud Cost Management tool and its FinOps advantages, making recommendations for tagging best practices to optimize the tool’s value. “For example,” explained Halit Levin, FinOps & Customer Success Manager at TeraSky, “we recommended tagging according to relevant buckets in order to make the project name the shared value rather than a separate value for each service. This approach meets AWS best practices and made it easier for Arad to access the information they were looking for.” The team then executed business mapping for the relevant environment, gathering resources by tag and service rather than only by accounts/services. Finally, they generated dedicated reports, dashboards, and alerts to the project’s business mapping, enabling Arad Group to gain critical – and previously missing – visibility into all of the relevant resources related to the project.



The Bottom Line

“Following our session with TeraSky, our team felt so much more comfortable with the Anodot billing dashboard, which was our primary concern. At the same time, with kindness and professionalism, they helped us define weekly reports and monitor our AWS resources with a custom dashboard,” raved Kobi Bohadana, Data Engineer at Arad Group. With TeraSky’s thorough assessment and guidance, the team at Arad Group has improved their work processes and practices in order to optimize their AWS cloud costs. They can now easily monitor each project’s expenses and receive in-depth reports and alerts to stay on track for the long term.


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