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July 26, 2022

Cellebrite Has Strengthened Its Development Capabilities by Utilizing Digital Modernization and Migration to the Cloud

A global leader in digital intelligence information management, Cellebrite was expanding. To support scalability, the company was in need of a digital infrastructure upgrade that would keep them agile, encourage innovation and new product development, control costs, and all the while ensuring developer and customer accessibility.


With the goal of upgrading their current data center infrastructure and incorporating the benefits of a private cloud, Cellebrite turned to VMware Solutions and TeraSky’s integration expertise. As a result of this process, Cellebrite has achieved significant savings in resources, which were repurposed towards maintenance, new product development, and customer support services upgrades.


Spearheading Digital Intelligence Management

Founded in 1999, Cellebrite offers law enforcement, the military, intelligence, security, corporate investigation departments, law firms, and private digital criminal identification investigators a digital intelligence investigation platform and complementary support services that make the use and ease of digital testimonies possible and court-admissible.

The company has offices in Petah-Tikva and Tel Aviv, as well as ten other locations worldwide, and employs more than 1,000 workers globally. In September 2021, Cellebrite became a public company on NASDAQ.


Transition to More Appropriate Management and Development Infrastructure

In recent years, Cellebrite transitioned to a SaaS business model. As a result, IT infrastructure upgrades that would save costs and provide development independent services access were required. Simultaneously, it became necessary to establish uniform standards for solution development and enforcement. In parallel, Cellebrite tripled its number of employees, including the number of developers and IT staff, while coping with the evolving hybrid-work demands brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“At the onset, our goal was to maintain technological leadership,” said Cellebrite VP of Global IT Gadi Rapaport. “We wanted to create the most innovative modern environments that support the most innovative products and work methods. We understood that to do so, we had to transform the way that we develop software.”


Strengthening and Expansion of the Company Systems and Capabilities

To achieve their goals, Cellebrite turned to VMware vRealize Suite Solutions and TeraSky’s integration expertise. “We had a basic infrastructure in our possession, which included VMware’s vSphere solution. The infrastructure worked to our satisfaction, but we wanted to make better use of the resources at our disposal with the minimum intervention from IT,” said Mr. Rapaport. “Upgrading the system and implementing a vRealize Suite solution provided us with a convenient tool with which we could create additional services and benefit from the automation offered by the tool.”

Cellebrite transitioned to optimized infrastructure and work processes that focused more on complex products and accelerated procedures. Further, migration to an AWS private cloud coupled with the implementation of an SD-WAN solution enabled Cellebrite to expand its capabilities and consolidate resources for the improvement of developer and customer experiences.


Customize Solutions at a Push of a Button

As a result of these upgrades, ‘IT array as a service’ took on a broader meaning, enabling each customer to customize Cellebrite solutions to their unique requirements with the push of a button. “The impact was undeniable,” Mr. Rapaport explained. “Connecting the solutions enabled us to promote organizational flexibility, render the development environment more significant and adapt cloud services to demand, while fully customizing the IT processes to the cloud challenges and implementing uniform management for all the clouds. We achieved our savings and optimization goals, and the changes also contributed to a new way of managing operations and engaging with the customers.”


Speed and Quality of Development

Following the project, Cellebrite achieved considerable savings in resources directed toward maintenance and production. They could now use services independently and through self-service, set uniform standards in transitioning to modernization and build systems that can apply the standard over time while monitoring and implementing change control. This allowed even system personnel who are not code developers to build complex products within a couple of days. Plus, the analyses – including statistical analyses, that the system supports help Cellebrite identify recurring customer service requests and support requests more quickly and more accurately.

“Today, we can compare the migration costs of the data center to the cloud over the long term as well as between the old and new model, as well as monitor and compare capabilities and costs of developer environments,” Mr. Rapaport shared. “Using this capability, we can examine the cost of a developer environment that was created by using automation, taking into account all the elements – including work, space, and electricity – to constantly add high-quality and unique products with unprecedented speed.”


Revolution in the World of Development

Cellebrite has already expressed intent to implement additional VMware solutions including NSX, the security solution that allows reinforcement of the micro-segmentation abilities in the organization, and Tanzu solutions, which aim to help developers in product development and promote innovation. By incorporating Kubernetes, dockers, and containers, they will be able to further expand their range of activities and developer freedom. With a goal of standardizing activity in a coherent and uniform global cloud, Cellebrite aims to reverse its private/public cloud ratio from 80/20 to 20/80.
Mr. Rapaport summarized, “The question is always how to best support the talents of our people to help them spearhead significant organizational changes. The people that I want to promote are the most valuable asset at my disposal. The DevOps world is changing, so we are changing with it.”


Check out this Cellebrite video to hear more: A Customer Success Story

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